Jewelry Care

How To Keep Your Cynthia Gale New York, Sterling Silver Jewelry Safe and Clean  

Wearing sterling silver jewelry in the shower, to the gym, while cleaning the house, gardening or preparing dinner may damage or tarnish your CGNY jewelry. Over time, these activities, as well as, the residue from soaps, cleaning solutions, hairspray, lotions, and dirt not only dim the shine of sterling silver jewelry, but they can also damage the metal and gemstones.
Jewelry featuring a spinning component, particularly CGNY Spinner Rings must be treated with extra care. CGNY Spinner Rings are constructed of two rings of sterling silver, an inner stationary band and an outer spinning band. Both circles of silver must maintain their circular shape in order for the spinning mechanism to properly move. Dents to the outer spinning band can result in a reduction or loss of spin.


Here are some hints to help maintain your Cynthia Gale New York jewelry's beauty and shine

 Fine jewelry should be checked approximately every 6 months to ensure gemstone settings are secure.

  • Remove sterling silver jewelry, especially rings, before showering, exercising, cleaning or cooking.
  • Sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned regularly by wiping the piece clean with a treated sterling silver cleaning cloth.
  • Storing Cynthia Gale New York jewelry in our CGNY jewelry pouch, an airtight jewelry box or plastic bag away from light will help maintain the finish and prevent excessive tarnishing.


Sterling Silver-  A Noble Metal

A Noble metal is one which is chemically resistant to oxidation and corrosion.  Three Noble Metals which are often used in fine jewelry are Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver. 

Sterling silver is a soft, malleable metal which makes it the perfect choice for the intricate, art-inspired designs that Cynthia Gale New York is known for.  That said, the downside is that sterling silver jewelry can be easily scratched or damaged if not cared for properly. Therefore, when cleaning CGNY silver jewelry, use cleaning cloths that are specifically formulated to remove tarnish from sterling silver jewelry. Cynthia Gale New York provides special pouches for CGNY jewelry storage.  The outer portion of the pouch doubles as a sterling silver polishing cloth to help keep your jewelry looking bright and beautiful.   

Please avoid exposing your sterling silver jewelry to harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine, as they can damage the jewelry.  To prevent your silver jewelry from tarnishing and scratching, store items in our Cynthia Gale New York jewelry pouch, specifically designed to protect and polish sterling silver jewelry.