The UD Legacy Ring Story

Once there was a woman from New York City who founded an art-inspired, sterling silver jewelry company. Having graduated from the University of Delaware in 1985, she returned to her Alma Mater to attend her first Alumni Reunion in 2018. She was swept away by the memories…

The dedicated faculty, philanthropic Blue Hen spirit and collaborative learning environment she had experienced as a student were still thriving at UD and her eyes were opened to a new world of possibilities. The energy was transformative and left her wanting to grow her connections within the UD community. She wondered: How can I help others to recognize the value of staying connected to their Alma Mater?

Back in her NYC Design Studio, she thought about the circle of life that had brought her back to the University of Delaware. She was so moved by her visit that she envisioned creating a very special sterling silver spinner ring featuring iconic UD artwork, architecture, mascots and logos that could be worn by the entire University community. The purpose of the ring was to capture the eternal essence of the University of Delaware Legacy in a way that would connect past, present and future UD generations for all time.

She met with UD students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the University to share her idea and gain perspective.

  • A student at UD suggested, “We need something affordable and comfortable that can be worn every day by either guys or girls.”
  • A UD staff member recommended, “Donate a portion of the ring proceeds to a student- focused initiative to truly capture UD’s philanthropic spirit.”
  • A friend of the University offered: “We need new UD Traditions that will truly connect our entire University community.”

And Voila… the University of Delaware Legacy Ring and Legacy Lock by Cynthia Gale Program spun themselves into existence!!